Explore Turn This World Inside Out with the Healing Justice Podcast BOOK CLUB!

Exciting news!

Turn This World Inside Out is The Healing Justice Podcast’s new Book Club selection for the Fall!

If you’d like to do a deep dive with book contributors into how community care and interdependence can help foster resilience in these times, I hope you’ll join us for Book Club! For more information on how to join see Kate’s message below.

The podcast and practice session that Serena Bhandar, Kate Werning and I recorded on Nurturance Culture is up, available (and free) through the Healing Justice Podcast link below.

For those who want to go deeper, members who join Book Club for 10 dollars a month access:
• a webinar with book authors,
• a discussion guide you can use to create your own reading book club in your home community,
• a way to connect with other folks locally,
• a special code for 30% off the book from AK Press
• in addition to the 15% off code you can use just because 🙂 (that’s below).

If you know of people who may be interested in hosting a book club circle in your local community, or who might want to join the webinar & access the discussion guides, please feel free to pass this invitation along!

strength and solidarity,

The Emergence of Nurturance Culture

It’s a wrap on our first Book Club selection, “Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good” by adrienne maree brown.

Thank you to the 261 of you who joined as Book Club members, gathered locally, read the book on your own, or didn’t read the book at all but participated in the virtual hangout and did your thing. This is a no-expectations zone. We loved it all.

If you’re a member and missed the live conversation with adrienne including an honoring of Toni Morrison on the day after she passed, you can view it here. Although we are moving on to a new selection now, the discussion guide, video recording, and all past resources will always be available to Book Club members new and old, so you’ll never miss your chance.

Next up: “Turn This World Inside Out: The Emergence of Nuturance Culture” by Nora Samaran!

Did you hear them talk gender, nurturance, trauma, accountability, and attachment on the podcast yet?

As always, podcast episodes and practices are free to all. If you join as a Book Club member, you also get:

  • 30% off code to buy the book
  • Access to find other Book Club members near you
  • Discussion guide to host your own local gathering if you want to
  • Virtual hangout with the authors this fall to ask your own questions & dive deeper
  • Access to past Book Club resources (discussion guide & virtual discussion video with adrienne maree brown about Pleasure Activism)

To join, sign up on our Patreon at any level $10 & above. You’ll also see there are other interesting membership levels available — so if you see one that compels you, go ahead and join in!

Join Book Club
And hey, even if you can’t join Book Club right now, our friends & book club sponsors at AK Press are giving you a discount code to buy the book anyway. Save 15% with promo code PODCAST @ akpress.org

Looking forward to continuing to read, listen, and learn together.

💙 Kate & the Healing Justice Podcast team

P.S. Engage with the Healing Justice podcast on social media to add your thoughts to the conversation about Book Club & nurturance culture:


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