News, Reviews, and Interviews

Welcome back from summer! If you’re wanting more Nurturance Culture for your ears and eyes here are a few favourites from the first few months of the book going live:

1. Interview with Isabella Wang in Room Magazine

2. Dawn Serra’s Sex Gets Real Podcast:

3. Laborwave: 

We explored some personal topics the host and I had in common and went deeper than expected.

4. Queer Corps:

This interview on CKUT with a friend, in my own home town, sitting in the studio just a short metro ride from where the Nurturance Culture essay was written, and the day before the sold out Montreal book launch, was fun, relaxed, and conversational. We hung out and talked masculinity and gender, owning and accountability, and what communities can do to foster conditions of protection for queer and trans and feminine-identified folks impacted by harm.

5. Dena Rod review in Argot Magazine: I’m so grateful for this thoughtful review that got the book so well ❤

6. Lit Hub: Excerpt  from “Nurturance Culture Means Holding the Circle”

7. Practice session on the Healing Justice Podcast with Serena Bhandar

8. With Deb Hobson on KOPN’s Chautauqua in Columbia, Missouri, archived on Radio Free America

9. The Final Straw: (segment begins around ten minutes in after an unrelated other segment)

10. Turn This World Inside Out quoted in Vanity Fair:

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