Help make a book about Nurturance Culture!

Hi! I hope everyone’s having a good turning of the seasons ❤

You may have heard: the blog at has grown into a book accepted by my favourite indie publisher.

In addition to hard copy of the most popular blog posts, the book will include never-before seen content, including a new introduction and exciting dialogues with collaborators.

Because I’m going with an awesome small press, there isn’t an advance for this book. I don’t expect to make money on the book; it is a labour of love.

There are a few costs associated with making the book happen, and I’d love your support to chip in anything large or small towards covering book-related expenses to help get this baby out into the world. Here’s the GoFundMe link:

Some of what your donation will support:

-the cost of transcription of interviews (this gets expensive!): $1/minute: $400

-honoraria for contributors: 50
each: $250

-extra support with editing, proofreading and formatting the chapters and the MS before I give it to the publisher: $350

In total, my expenses to get this book made, thank the contributors with a little $50 honoraria, and make the book as good as it can be for my editor and readers, run around $1000.

I would love for folks who want to be part of helping this book happen to chip in any amount: 5 to 500, every bit counts!

Here is the link again:

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project this far, whether with your words, hearts, donations, or just believing in the work. All of it is equally meaningful to me and means more than you know.

love, N


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