Book release date!


Happy to say that this little book Turn This World Inside Out: The Emergence of Nurturance Culture is scheduled for release on June 18, 2019.

You can already pre-order!

I’m excited to share these essays and dialogues with wonderful contributors.

Book includes dialogue pieces on themes:

Serena Bhandar – Turning gender inside out & centring trans analysis

‘Jon Snow’ – A fictionalized, collaborative dialogue written by several ppl working through conditioning into masculinity.

Aravinda Ananda – Creating spaces of unconditional positive regard & challenge to undo conditioning into whiteness

Ruby Smith Díaz – Self care & collective care for QT/ IBPOC

Natalie Knight – Gendered violence and decolonization

and Alix Johnson – Possibilities and pitfalls in creating meaningful accountability structures

plus print versions of The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture, Own Apologize Repair, and On Gaslighting,

AND a new Introduction never before published.

One wonderful way to help support the book is to contact your local library and/or bookstore to request that they get a couple of copies in. It will also be available on the big Bookselling Thing That Shall Remain Unnamed, 😀 for 15.00 in the US and 22.00 in Canada, as well as at local bookstores in many locations around the world. Check your favourite local indie bookstore to see if they can pre-order it 🙂

If you live in the US, here is a tool that lets you enter your zip code to find out where it can be pre-ordered at an independent bookstore near you. 

So grateful to AK Press (, especially my amazing and generous editor Andrew Zonneveld and the whole kick ass collective, especially Zach, Charles, and Molly, who’ve patiently helped me learn the ropes. Thank you to everyone who helped at many stages of this book coming together, chipped in to help cover transcription and extra editing, and to everyone who challenged and discussed with me, pushed me to see and remember. And thank you to you! The readers have made everything possible!

There’ll be a full acknowledgment of everyone who helped this happen in the book itself, so for now a special shout out to gifted additional editors Cindy Milstein and Tanya Andrusieczko whose work on significant sections of the book was indispensable, and the incredible cover art designer Siana Sonoquie!

A more formal announcement will happen closer to the release date when we’ll plan launch events. Folks who would like to organize a tour stop in your town, please feel free to be in touch in PMs to let us know? 🙂

Gratitude to all who have believed in and cared for this project in so many ways ❤

see this post here:


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